F Sharp

I've been having quite a problem recently
Which is quite disturbing musicalically
Involving a semitonal discrepancy
Vocally and instrumentally

You see musicians of different varieties
Prefer playing in particular keys
And singers, too, treat preferentially
Those notes they tackle more proficiently

Now you don't have to be a member of MENSA
To understand the depth of my dilemma
The two elements of me favour two different keys
Thus a rift betwixt my fingers and my tenor

I love nothing more than playing instruments in F
It warms the very cockles of my heart
The trouble is that F can leave me vocally bereft you see
I like playing in F major but I like singing in F sharp
F sharp

I refuse to be beholden to my hands
I don't see why my larynx should give in to their demands
I'll not be forced to compromise my art
And so I just keep playing in F major and singing in
F sharp
F sharp
F sharp
F sharp
F sharp

I'll keep playing in F major but I'll keep singing in F sharp

tekstschrijver: Tim Minchin
componist: Tim Minchin
Taal: Engels

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