Movin´ through the country,
gonna see (meet)(hear)(meet) a lot of preachers.
Preachers come good and bad.
They are ordinary men.
It´s a factor we must count.
And if some have been led astray,
that don´t mean that they´re all fakes.
some still can point you to the Way.

A couple scandals happened, a real short list.
Yes they caught some evangelists with greed and fraud and woman.
Point my fingers back to Christ.
Take a little look at a sinless life.
Base your stand on Christianity on His, not mine.
Millions of preachers, preachin´ to me.
Which ones believers? Which preach for greed?
Philippians teaches, verse 1:18
- if they really preach Jesus, they´re preachy keen.
But look out!

Taal: Engels

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